“There must be something in the man who makes the photograph which has something to say to the mind or heart....” Imogen Cunningham

I have been greatly influenced by Imogen Cunningham, especially her images of fragments of the body and her use of light and shadow.

The face and the body say something to my mind and heart representing for me the human condition. To me the face reveals or hides the inner person, the body strips everything down to basics, the surface of the flesh, the forms created by the muscles and bones. I see these basic forms as a metaphor for human survival and I work with dark and light, gritty textures and fragmented body imagery, to paint the raw tenor or my images. The camera is my paint brush, with the finished canvas lurking in the dark room.

I have also been influenced by the painters of the Renaissance and by the great sculptors of history. They fill me with their beauty. For instance, Rodin said something which I experience often when starting a photographic work: “Sometimes, looking at a model you think you have nothing. Than all at once a little of nature reveals itself, a strip of flesh appears and then this shred of truth conveys the whole truth and enables you to arise a single bound to the absolute principle of things.”